AQ-R03 - OptimH2O™ Reverse Osmosis + Claryum ® Filtration System 反滲透活性炭濾水器
AQ-R03 - OptimH2O™ Reverse Osmosis + Claryum ® Filtration System 反滲透活性炭濾水器
AQ-R03 - OptimH2O™ Reverse Osmosis + Claryum ® Filtration System 反滲透活性炭濾水器
AQ-R03 - OptimH2O™ Reverse Osmosis + Claryum ® Filtration System 反滲透活性炭濾水器

AQ-R03 - OptimH2O™ Reverse Osmosis + Claryum ® Filtration System 反滲透活性炭濾水器

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Product Introduction 產品介紹


Aquasana OptimH2O delivers the best drinking water available for optimal hydration. OptimH2O is the first reverse osmosis system of its kind to pair powerful reverse osmosis filtration with Claryum selective filtration PLUS remineralization.

Remove the most contaminants from your water while maintaining the benefits of healthy minerals other reverse osmosis systems simply remove.
Aquasana OptimH2O 反滲透活性炭濾水器為您帶來優質的飲水體驗。OptimH2O 反滲透活性炭濾水器打破傳統,將強大的反滲透淨水技術與Claryum®選擇性過濾技術相結合,並增加了再礦化過程,打造富含礦物質的潔淨純水。

普通的反滲透濾水器將污染物連同礦物質一網打盡,Aquasana OptimH2O 反滲透活性炭濾水器在去除大多數有害物質的同時,也保持水中健康的礦物質,為您的健康加分。


Product Features 設計特點 


Remineralizes water to put back the healthy minerals lost in the reverse osmosis process like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Improves water pH balance for optimally alkaline drinking water.  將在反滲透過濾過程中流失的礦物質重新放回淨化的水中,如鈣、鎂、鉀等,使純淨水重新礦化,平衡淨化水的pH值,達致弱鹼性飲用水的理想狀態。


Replacements engineered for ease. Eco-friendly carbon and Claryum filter housings easily twist off so replacing your filters is a snap!  產品設計簡化濾芯更換過程。活性炭濾芯及Claryum®濾芯採用環保型材料,可輕鬆擰開並更換。


Aquasana OptimH2O features our fastest flow rate to deliver optimally clean, healthy water fast!  Aquasana OptimH2O 反滲透活性炭濾水器的流速更高,無需等待即可暢飲潔淨、健康的飲用水!

Removed Contaminants 可除去的污染物



Filter Cartridge Working Principle 濾芯過濾原理 

Reverse Osmosis 反滲透膜

Filters out dissolved solids smaller than 1 micron like fluoride and arsenic. Reduces14 impurities including fluoride, nitrates, nitrites, lead, radium and arsenic.  過濾小於1微米的可溶解性固體,如氟化物和石棉。可濾除14種污染物,包括氟化物、硝酸鹽、亞硝酸鹽、鉛、鐳以及砷等。

Selective Claryum® Filtration Claryum®選擇性過濾技術

Reduces 68 contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

Activated Carbon:reduces organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, VOCs and MTBE.

Catalytic Carbon:targets chlorine and chloramines (chlorine + ammonia disinfectant).

Ion Exchange:filters heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Absolute Sub-Micron Filtration:captures asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium. 






Remineralization 再礦化裝置

Puts back healthy minerals to improve pH balance & water alkalinity.

The result:Effectively removes >95% of fluoride plus over 70 other contaminants and puts back healthy minerals for optimal drinking water.




Product Specification 產品規格 


Purchase Includes 購買時包括:
    1. System Manifold 主機身
    2. Carbon Filter 碳棒濾芯
    3. Membrane Filter 反滲透膜濾芯
    4. Claryum Filter Claryum®濾芯
    5. Remineralizer 再礦化裝置
    6. Faucet 龍頭
    7. Water Storage Tank 儲水缸
    8. Other installation parts 其他安裝部件


*Installation service is available upon request. The basic installation service fee is HK$1,100. (Only applicable to Hong Kong)



Important: Before starting installation, please ensure that all parts shown are available. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to operate the water filtration system. Do not attempt to replace the original parts with parts from other manufacturers (except faucet) as this may not only cause product performance degradation, system damage or failure, but will also void your warranty.