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AQ-4100 Premium Shower Filter 美膚沐浴濾水器
AQ-4100 Premium Shower Filter 美膚沐浴濾水器
AQ-4100 Premium Shower Filter 美膚沐浴濾水器

AQ-4100 Premium Shower Filter 美膚沐浴濾水器

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Product Introduction 產品介紹

Removes chlorine, chloramines, synthetic chemicals and contaminants, effectively antimicrobial, improves air qualityCountertop Water Filter


 Aquasana premium shower filter uses a patented two-stage, dual media filter comprising of copper/zinc media and coconut shell carbon to remove over 90% of chlorine, chloramines, synthetic contaminants while being effectively antimicrobial and improving your air quality and enhancing the water pH balance for the healthiest shower experience. The up-flow of water can better maintain a stable pressure and increase the contact time with the water filter.

Aquasana 美膚沐浴濾水器採用椰殼活性炭以及專利銅鋅合金介質 ,強效去除90% 以上氯含量,有效去除氯胺、人工合成的化學物質和有害污染物, 強效抑菌, 打造天然的美容原液,實現美容和保健的雙重功效。同時,創新逆流設計的採用,可以維持穩定水壓, 增加水流與濾芯的接觸時間,使過濾更充分,水流更大。


At Aquasana, science and technology come together to create designs that make life easier. Aquasana premium shower filters are designed to be user-friendly as well as take into account the diverse needs of users. 

    • No installation required.  No complicated installation process is involved; you can do it yourself easily. 無需安裝工具 沒有繁瑣的安裝流程,人人均可輕鬆安裝 
    • A beautiful and durable design.  Made from ABS material that is non-toxic and environmentally healthy.  堅固美觀設計 優質ABS材質,質感一流,綠色健康,對水質無害 
    • Smart filtration.  Made from the high quality materials to ensure clean water.  智能濾芯 業內高質量的過濾材料,保證用水清潔 
    • Long-lasting service life.  Effectively inhibits scale growth, can be used by a family of four for 6 months (assuming each bath lasts 15 minutes, and a total of 960 baths). It is easy to replace, so you can save time and worry.  超長使用壽命 有效抑制硬垢生成,可供四口之家使用6個月(假設每次洗浴15分鐘,共可洗浴960次),省時省心,同時更換方便,沒有後顧之憂


    For Health and Beauty 美容作用

    Although most people know the importance of water to human health, few people are aware the healthy skin needs clean water too. Volatile chlorinated bathwater contains contaminants that are likely to irritate the skin, causing it to become dry and sensitive, and may even accelerate skin aging and hair loss… Aquasana premium shower filter powerfully removes chlorine, chloramine, synthetic chemicals and contaminants, allow you to avoid this little-known common “trap”. 

    大家都知道健康水對人體的重要性, 然而很少有人知道,皮膚同樣 需要健康清潔的水。含氯的水沐浴時揮發出的有毒物質,容易造成 皮膚敏感發癢、乾燥,甚至引起肌膚衰老加速、頭髮掉落…… Aquasana 美膚沐浴濾水器強效去除氯、氯胺、人工合成的化學 物質和有害污染物,讓您遠離水世界的「溫柔陷阱」。 


    Moisturizing effect / Youthful skin / Silkier skin / Anti-wrinkle / Relieve dry and itchy skin / Adjuvant therapy for eczema.  潔淨保濕 / 年輕肌膚 / 細膩柔滑 / 防止皺紋 / 緩解皮膚乾燥發癢 / 辅助治疗鳞屑 


    Strengthen hair / No more brittleness and dryness / Reduce hair loss / Prolong hair color stay / Restore hair shine.  強韌發質 / 告別乾枯脆弱 / 減少脫發 / 延長染髮效果/ 恢復秀髮光澤


    Enhance the metabolism / Promote blood circulation / Relieve pressure / Relieve fatigue.  加快新陳代謝 /促進血液循環 /舒緩壓力 / 緩解疲勞


    Filter Cartridge Working Principle 濾芯過濾原理

    Aquasana premium shower filter uses a patented two-stage, dual media filter comprising of copper/zinc media and coconut shell carbon which raises the filtration effectiveness and makes it one of the few shower filters on the market to effectively remove chloramine.  Aquasana美膚沐浴濾水器,採用椰殼活性炭以及銅鋅混合金的“雙層過濾技術”,過濾效果升級,是市面上少數可以去除氯胺的沐浴濾水器之一。

    Up-flow Design 逆流設計

    Maintains a stable pressure which prevents clogging while increasing contact time with the water filter, thus generating a larger volume of filtered water.  維持穩定的水壓,防止水流堵塞,增加水流與濾芯的接觸時間,使過濾更充分,水流更大。 

    Highly concentrated amounts of coconut shell carbon 

    Coconut shell activated carbon is a natural adsorbent that is globally recognized for having the best carbon filtration effect. Features such as an irregular microcrystalline structure, high density pores and large surface area all determine its effectiveness in the adsorption of chlorine, chloramine compounds, pesticides, herbicides and other organic compounds, as well as eliminate odors and balance the water pH.  椰殼活性炭是一種天然吸附劑,是全球公認濾水效果最好的碳種。不規則微晶結構,高密度孔洞,表面積大,決定其能強有效吸附餘氯、氯胺化合物,殺蟲劑、除草劑等有機化合物,且能消除異味,平衡水的酸鹼值。 

    High-tech antibacterial copper-zinc alloy 

    High purity, fine granular copper and zinc alloy, through a redox reaction and electronic exchange of pollutant ions, render pollutants harmless (such as transforming chlorine into an anion). Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are reduced in the mean time through replacement reaction and absorption reaction.  高純度、細顆粒的銅銅鋅合金,通過氧化還原反應,與污染物進行電子交換,把污染物質變成無害物質(如把氯氣變成陰離子),通過置換反應和化學吸附反應,實現鉛、汞等重金屬的減少。

    Product Specification 產品規格 


    Purchase Includes 購買時包括:
        1. Premium Shower Filters 濾水器主體
        2. Shower Head 淋浴噴頭
        3. V-shaped tube V形管

    *可預約安裝服務,基本安裝費用為HK$350。(只適用於香港地區, 偏遠地區須收取附加費)

    *Installation service is available upon request. The basic installation service fee is HK$350. (Only applicable to Hong Kong, extra service fee will be incurred for remote areas)


    Important: Before starting installation, please ensure that all parts shown are available. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to operate the water filtration system. Do not attempt to replace the original parts with parts from other manufacturers (except faucet) as this may not only cause product performance degradation, system damage or failure, but will also void your warranty.