AQ-5300-Under Counter Water Filter 廚下型智能濾水器
AQ-5300-Under Counter Water Filter 廚下型智能濾水器
AQ-5300-Under Counter Water Filter 廚下型智能濾水器

AQ-5300-Under Counter Water Filter 廚下型智能濾水器

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Product Introduction 產品介紹

Newly upgraded with 4-stage filtration process
創新升級, 四重高效過濾


Aquasana under counter water filter uses a unique and intelligent 4-stage filtration process to effectively remove 68 contaminants; one of the stages includes a 20-micron pre-filter which removes dust and rust impurities from the water and extends the service life of the main filter; you can also choose to use Aquasana SimplySoft to soften your water and reduce scale formation.


Aquasana 廚下型智能淨水器, 採用獨特的四重過濾技術, 有效過濾68種污染物, 其中20微米前置濾芯, 可預先過濾水中沙塵雜質及鐵鏽, 延長主機濾芯使用壽命;亦可選擇使用 Aquasana SimplySoft 防垢型前置濾芯, 軟化水質, 有效減少水垢生成。
  • Complex technology made simple.  User-friendly design that takes into account diverse user needs.  設計風格簡約而不簡單  人性化功能設計,充分考慮使用者需求
    • Simple easy-to-install design.  10-step guide for easy self-installation. 簡約設計風格 指導用戶10步輕鬆安裝
      • Long-lasting filter.  Continuous use for approximately 6 months. 濾芯超長壽命 可持續使用約6個月
        • Easy-to-replace filter.  LED smart indicator prompts the status of the filter . 濾芯更換方便 LED燈智能提示濾芯使用狀況   
        • Physical filtration mechanism.  Does not require charging, does not generate waste water, is energy-saving 物理過濾機制 無需插電、不產生廢水,低碳環保 
        • Made of food grade non-toxic materials.  Green and healthy, does not harm water quality. 食品級無毒材料 綠色健康,對水質無害 


        Removed Contaminants 可除去的污染物



        Product Specification 產品規格 

        Purchase Includes 購買時包括:
        1. AQ-5300/AQ-5300A AQ-5300或AQ-5300A主機身
        2. Claryum®filter and pre-filter Claryum®濾芯及前置濾芯
        3. Metal Faucet 豪華水龍頭
        4. Hose assembly水管及配件

        *可預約安裝服務,基本安裝費用為HK$650。(只適用於香港地區, 偏遠地區須收取附加費)

        *Installation service is available upon request. The basic installation service fee is HK$650. (Only applicable to Hong Kong, extra service fee will be incurred for remote areas)


        Important: Before starting installation, please ensure that all parts shown are available. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to operate the water filtration system. Do not attempt to replace the original parts with parts from other manufacturers (except faucet) as this may not only cause product performance degradation, system damage or failure, but will also void your warranty.